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Best zombie movies

This is a list of the best and most original zombie movies of the last 20 years. The top contains both real horrors with blood and guts, thrillers with suspense, and even pictures containing a parody component.

Night of the living dead

Brother and Sister Johnny and Barbara arrive at the cemetery to visit their father’s grave. A strange man who looks like a living dead man attacks the young man. The girl runs away and hides with several strangers in the house. Here they will have to wait out the zombie invasion.

It was with this zombie movies by George Romero that the procession of the living dead began on the movie screens. By the way, it is interesting that the director himself did not use the word “zombie”, but called the monsters flesh eaters. The picture has become a real legend and has spawned many sequels and remakes. Moreover, critics note the social component of the plot: “Night of the Living Dead” for the most part tells that people, even in the most dangerous situation, cannot agree with each other.


Medical student Dan Kane and his new partner Herbert West, who was recently transferred after a scandal, are looking for a means to raise the dead. They use fresh corpses from the morgue for their experiments. Then one day they succeed. However, the revived dead behave violently and aggressively.

The film is based on the story of the legendary writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. In addition, the authors of the picture not only conveyed the very atmosphere of the work but also invested in realistic special effects. The director and his assistants studied the pathology textbook in detail so that the corpses and individual body parts looked as believable as possible. Therefore, the film looks impressive to this day.

I Walked With a Zombie

Nurse Betsy travels to the West Indies to care for the wife of a wealthy farmer, Jessica. The patient behaves very withdrawn during the day and walks aimlessly at night. Soon Betsy learns that the locals practice the voodoo cult. Movies about zombies appeared on screens long before the release of “Night of the Living Dead”. However, initially, this term was used to denote slaves who were hypnotized by a voodoo priest. The 1942 painting tells exactly about such zombies.

Zombi 2

A ship sails to the shores of the United States without a command. An evil zombie and a letter from Dr. Bowles, who tells about a mysterious island in the Caribbean, is found on it. The doctor’s daughter Anna and journalist Peter West go there. Arriving at the site, they find that the surroundings are overrun with the living dead.

I am legend

The new drug, created to fight cancer, looks promising but eventually mutates into a deadly virus that kills most people on earth and turns them into bestial creatures. There are only a few immune people on the planet; one of them is Robert Neville (Will Smith), who has spent the past three years trying to create a serum against the virus. He is already losing hope and, it seems, begins to go crazy until he stumbles upon two more survivors.

Shaun of the dead

Perhaps the wittiest, funny, satirical, and clever zombie films made in this century – the trilogy from the comedies “Zombie named Shaun”, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End“. At the same time, although formally only the first film tells about traditional zombies, in a broad sense, all three films are devoted to the fact that for normal guys, especially those who drink, ubiquitous philistine idiocy at some point necessarily turns into a rampage of ghouls. Moreover, it does not matter if they are zombies or aliens, they are still alien, aggressive, and limited, therefore, they are doomed to defeat when the cool people fight them back.

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