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Best streaming thriller movies

If you are interested in quality films, then you can check out our selection of free streaming movies, all of which have received high ratings from viewers and critics and have firmly settled in numerous tops. Most of the films were nominated for prestigious awards. Here is a list of the best thriller movies.

The Silence of the Lambs

An ironic cannibal in a cage – and “baby” Starling, an investigator looking for a serial killer and hoping that Hannibal Lecter will help her understand the killer’s logic and track him down. The Silence of the Lambs is not so much a film as a phenomenon, a phenomenon of pop culture. And it is no coincidence that Lecter has become one of the heroes of this pop culture, which is very symbolic.

Angel heart

The schizophrenic thriller with Mickey Rourke came out just at the time when erotic pictures with his participation were thundering, which made the film even more popular. But even if this context did not exist, Alan Parker still made a very vivid picture, doomed to cult status.


Never before have had thrillers allowed one actor to play so many characters at once. James McAvoy got a lucky ticket because the hero he happened to play has more than 20 personalities coexisting in one body, so this is just a textbook on acting and even a textbook that is scary, creepy, and almost true because the hero of the film has a real prototype.

Nóz w wodzie

Roman Polanski’s debut film immediately became an event and, who knows, if another talented debutant, Andrei Tarkovsky, a young and ambitious Polish Jew, had not taken part in the Venice competition that year, and would have received the Golden Lion. But even without that, the film thundered all over the world, even went to the Oscar nomination, and still, the sarcastic anti-bourgeois thriller inspires fear in all-new generations of viewers.

Rosemary’s baby

A mocking thriller about a pregnant Rosemary who believes that her baby is part of a grand sinister plan is one of Polanski’s iconic films. A chill on the back is also because the murder of Roman Polanski’s wife by the Manson gang, which happened shortly after the completion of the work, is directly connected with this film in the public consciousness

Rear Window

Hitchcock in this film did the impossible, created suspense out of the blue. One journalist with a broken leg thought he saw murder in a neighboring house from the window of his apartment. And now he, chained to his house by trauma, needs to understand if he was wrong, and, if possible, catch the alleged killer. It was incredibly difficult to shoot this story, and Hitchcock created for this local, as it seems, script, the most ambitious and unusual scenery in his career.


Hitchcock, starting this film, took a serious risk because to take a picture without a widescreen, black and white, and even one where the main, as it seems, the heroine is killed in the first third of the film. And yet the film was not only a resounding success but also became one of the main in Hitchcock’s career. And, perhaps, the most cited.

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