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Netflix spends about $ 8 billion each year on content production. Multi-part films produced by one of the most famous media companies attract millions of people around the world. Our selection includes new and old works since we took into account only the ratings and reviews of the audience and not the release date of the serial film.

Netflix, which launched its own production in 2013, is already on a par with its competitors and has every chance of jumping over its head. Meeting the new year, I would like to make a report on the list of TV series released by Netflix before this year. So, here are the best Netflix series.


A series with a Colombian flavor, which tells about the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. He was horrified by the authorities, despised by the police, and respected by the people. The series is filled with bright moments of Escobar’s ongoing struggle with the special services.

The narration is conducted on behalf of the drug control officers, who show what people are capable of, by all means striving to gain power. Narco argues that real stories are often more impressive than fictional stories.

Stranger Things

The adventures of a group of boys in the style of the 80s literally won the hearts of the audience. The action takes place in a small provincial town, the tranquility of which is disturbed by the mysterious disappearance of the boy Will. The local sheriff makes a helpless gesture, not understanding where the teenager might have gone.

Friends begin their investigation, but do not even know what they will face. They fall into a cycle of events associated with the government, a parallel world, and the monster Demogorgon.

13 Reasons Why

Schoolboy Clay Jensen finds a box of audiotapes recorded by his classmate Hannah Baker on his doorstep. He was in love with this girl, but he did not dare to open up to her, and now it is too late – Hannah committed suicide. Each of the cassette tapes sheds light on a difficult decision made by a schoolgirl. There are only 13 reasons that prompted her to die: and Clay is one of them.

Black Mirror

An anthology series in which each subsequent series is in no way related to the previous one. The script for “Black Mirror” was written by British comedian Charlie Brooker. In one of his interviews, he described his project with just one sentence: “All our stories are united only by a satire on the way of life that is common in modern society.” The episodes of “Black Mirror” touch on completely different topics: be it an offensive joke published on YouTube or a country in which every second wants to become famous.


A long-awaited novelty for fantasy lovers, based on the stories of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The plot is based on a free reading of the author’s two books: The Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny.

The story of the Witcher Geralt, who travels across the continent and rid the world of stubborn evil spirits – swamp monsters, werewolves, and even enchanted princesses. The hero encounters real people who often turn out to be much worse than monsters.

Sex education

Otis, a shy teenage virgin, lives with her mother, a psychotherapist, and because of this knows a lot about sex. Together with his classmate Maeve, the guy conducts consultations on “intimate issues” for the same inexperienced friends and achieves considerable success in this.

Otis helps friends find girls and deal with awkward and confusing situations. In January 2020, the second season of the series was released, in which Maeve, by the way, the most popular girl in the school, will try to confess her feelings to Otis.

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