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Netflix series about time travel

If you’ve watched the Netflix series about time travel and want something like that, then we can introduce you to a large number of films in a similar genre. We are glad to present you with a list of the best time travel movies.

Back to the future

An ordinary teenager, together with an eccentric inventor, travels 30 years back in time. There he meets his parents, a professor friend, and many others – very young. Despite the richness of events familiar to director Robert Zemeckis, the film raises important philosophical topics. In particular, we will never know what our parents were like when they were young.

It is also worth noting the play of Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson, and Michael J. Fox – the last jury of the Saturn Award even recognized the best actor. And “Back to the Future” also received an Oscar for Best Sound Editing. As a result, the film turned into a whole trilogy. In the second part, the heroes find themselves in an alternative future, and in the third, they find themselves in the Wild West in 1885.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Fate brings two schoolchildren together with a man from the future who travels in a time machine in the form of a telephone booth. The couple just needs to make a report on the topic “The modern world through the eyes of a famous historical figure.” To this end, they go into the past and carry several outstanding people from there.

The film is a surprisingly inventive blend of science fiction and youth comedy. Everything that happens on the screen looks incredibly silly, but Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter got used to the role of teenage losers so well that it is impossible not to fall in love with them. Besides, the film is full of great jokes, including those about historical figures.

Interestingly, according to the original idea, the time machine was made in the form of a car. But the authors got scared of too strong a resemblance to Back to the Future and turned it into a phone booth. Although it resembles the TARDIS from the legendary Doctor Who.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

To explode in all the timelines of the large MCU, we present you with a short description of the films that should be watched in a specific order. Thus, you will not get confused and will be able to restore the entire chronology of events.

From the future, in which the world was enslaved by machines, in our time comes to the almost invulnerable T-1000 terminator. He intends to kill John Connor so that he does not lead humanity to victory over cyborgs. But another terminator comes to the boy’s aid – not so strong, but still able to fight back.

James Cameron’s second film turned out to be completely different from the first. The director has skillfully woven elements of comedy and family drama into the sci-fi thriller. And this did not prevent the picture from remaining very dynamic and spectacular.

12 Monkeys

In 2035, an incurable virus destroyed almost the entire population of the planet, and the survivors have to live underground. Prisoner James Cole volunteers to travel back in time in a time machine to find the source of the epidemic.

Terry Gilliam’s painting is one of the most memorable in the genre. This is a phantasmagoric dystopia that forever wedges itself into memory. Moreover, not only due to its unforgettable atmosphere, but also thanks to the amazing play of Bruce Willis, who appears in the role of the above-mentioned criminal. A mental hospital patient performed by Brad Pitt is also at his best.

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