The Interview: Rogen and Franco Deliver Yet Again

I like the idea of starting off a review by saying how I feel about the movie right off the bat, then explaining that opinion after doing so. In the interest of that idea, I would have started off this review by saying that The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is for sure worth a trip to theaters to see, and if you are unable, worth watching upon its later DVD release. 

However, at the time of my writing this review (Dec. 18th, 2014), Sony Pictures has canceled the release of the comedy, theatrical or otherwise. I’ll go into more detail later, but all in all The Interview was a good time, and those who enjoy Rogen & Co.’s previous stoner comedies will (or would have) enjoyed seeing it.

The Interview is a 2014 film written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, returning from their 2013 success, This is the End. The film revolves around talk show host Dave Skylark (Franco), and his producer (Rogen), and their mission to ‘take out’ North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on their trip to interview him.

I went to a screening for this movie about a month ago, and the main feelings I had coming out of it was that although it might not be Rogen’s best work, it was definitely a very funny movie that banks on people being able to find offensive humor funny. Many elements of the movie worked, and although some did not, I find that movies in the stoner comedy genre warrant a little leeway as far as judgement is concerned.

The acting in the movie good for the most part. Franco was the one that stood out the most in the movie as far as acting was concerned, but part of that can be attributed to the clever writing of his character and the under-development of the some of the other characters, mainly Rogen’s, that make Franco’s talk show host Dave Skylark character stand out. Another performance that stood out in the movie was Randall Park’s portrayal of Kim Jong Un, who’s presence ended up being a thoroughly amusing aspect of the movie.

I suppose a review for this movie would not be complete without properly addressing the offensive nature of the movie. I personally don’t know a whole lot of die-hard Kim Jong Un fans, but I would imagine that if they exist, this movie would be insanely offensive and thoroughly maddening. However, as someone who is not particularly pro-Kim in the least, I have no problem saying that the controversial, slightly insensitive nature of the jokes made the film a whole lot more enjoyable. All the controversy surrounding the movie escalated it from a simple stoner comedy and made it all around more interesting. The Kim Jong Un portrayed in The Interview is one that is moody, baby-like, and dishonest. As with many of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s works, aspects of The Interview are based in facts, which makes the humor all that much more entertaining.

All in all, The Interview was a very funny comedy not unlike the previous works of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. It’s one that I hope will be released in some way or another. I did not write this to give my opinion on what is happening in the world, but as long as I’m here, I think that giving in to demands validates the threats and shows a large degree of weakness.

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