Mr. Robot: The Drama We Didn’t Know We Needed

Let’s face it, television in the 21st century has been a strange land of hits and misses. I’m not sure how all of you have felt about the shows being released, but I for one have found that in this land of hits and misses, hits have been vastly outnumbered, and even those hits are not incredible (see The Walking Dead, Hannibal, and even – and I know many would disagree with this – Game of Thrones).

Over the years, however, we have gotten some shows that have proven to be immune to negative qualities, such as True Detective (or at least, season one of it. Season 2 has been more of a mixed bag). Hits are rare, though, which is why watching pilots of shows puts me in an extremely cynical frame of mind. All this being said, despite my cynicism, one show (or more specifically, one pilot) has stood out to me, to the point where I find the need to express my feelings towards it for the world to read. This show is USA, Mr. Robot.

First things first, I find it extremely important for me to say that I’m writing this after having only seen the Pilot (episode 2 has yet to air). The first episode was excellent, yes. But it’s still very possible that the show could squander this massive amount of potential. It would definitely not be the first time a show has done that. For this reason, I’m not writing this review saying that the show will be excellent. Rather, I’m writing this as a call for people to go and watch the show and support a show like this if it’s as good as the pilot suggests, or at the very least decide on their own whether they like it or not. I could live with it if this show turned out to not be as good as it seems right now, but what I would truly hate is if the show were to be cancelled prematurely, because not enough people gave it a chance (and then later making a comeback on Netflix after a few years).

Enough about my thoughts on the television industry though. It’s time I answered the crucial questions: What is Mr. Robot? And why does this nobody movie review blogger love it so much? In short, the show follows a hacker and computer genius, Elliot, who suffers from extreme social anxiety. The pilot depicts his introduction to a mysterious group of hacking anarchists. I’m not going to say much more, partly because I’ve only seen one episode, and am fairly unclear about the story, but mostly because I have no reason to spoil any more that.

What makes the show so good is that every aspect of it shows nearly infinite potential. For example, the anarchist group means that there is so much potential for escalation of the intensity of the plot. Elliot’s social anxiety opens up so many doors for interesting character development. There are also so many potential routes for progression of the shows dramatic aspects. It seems as though the main cast of the show is talented enough to carry the story through nearly any of its potential arcs.

The team of people behind the show have shown that they have the ability to perform exceptionally well. The writing is quite good, the music is extremely appropriate, the cinematography is excellent, and the directing is spot on.

All in all, I’m not sure where Mr. Robot will go, or even if will be good or not. But as the show is now, it is quite excellent, and if it maintains its current level of potential, it will quickly climb to the top of my list of favorite shows.

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